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CATÉGORIE : Comic Books
CIBLE : Families, Kids
KEYWORD : Humour, Nature


The Marsupilami is a fabulous animal, coming from Palombia, and created by a master of Franco-Belgian comics, André Franquin. With his family, and in human company, the Marsupilami surprises us with his rebellious, joker and deeply human spirit, and by his incredible vitality. His yellow fur spotted with black, his big expressive eyes, and above all an 8 meters long tail he uses a thousand different ways, makes him instantly endearing. He is loyal to his friends but can become terrifyingly angry if he feels in danger, or if something threatens his family, his friends or his environment.


  • 33 comic books published since 1987.
  • Over 3 million copies sold worldwide.
  • More than 130 episodes of animated series available, a film directed by Alain Chabat (2012 – 5.2 million tickets sold) and a new one announced by Philippe Lacheau.
© Dupuis, 2024 © Dargaud-Lombard, 2024

License information

  • A new animated series in development.
  • Always the star of Parc Spirou (7 attractions, a dedicated store, and a mascot).
  • The new Urban Escape Game by Coddy: a fun way to discover the city with the Marsupilami.
  • 2 dedicated rooms at Yooma Urban Lodge Brussels.
  • Numerous animations in shopping malls in France, Belgium and China.


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