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Case Closed

©Gosho Aoyama/1996, 2024 Shogakukan, YTV, TMS

Case Closed

CATÉGORIE : Japanimation & Manga
CIBLE : Adults, Teenagers, Tweens
KEYWORD : Investigation, Mystery, Shonen


Shinichi Kudo is a high schooler who enjoys enigmas. His sense of deduction allowed him to help the police solving a great number of difficult cases. But after being the witness of a suspicious mater, he is transformed into a child by a malicious organization trying to silence him. Shinichi then changes his identity and becomes Conan Edogawa, so he can discover the identity of this organization and turning back into an adult.

License information

  • The longest manga series in the Weekly Shonen Sunday (since 1994)!
  • Fans of every generation.
  • In the top 30 of favorite licenses among 7 to 14 years-old worldwide.
©Gosho Aoyama/1996, 2024 Shogakukan, YTV, TMS



  • 103 volumes available.
  • 5 million copies sold in France since 1997.
  • 4th best-selling manga series with over 270 million copies in circulation worldwide.


  • Over 1,100 episodes available.
  • One animated movie per year, 26 already available.
  • Available across Europe!


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