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Dorison - Meyer © Dargaud Benelux (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.), 2024


CATÉGORIE : Comic Books
CIBLE : Adults
KEYWORD : Action, Adventure, Far West


Jonas Crow, undertaker, needs to convoy the coffin of a former digger, who became a millionaire, to the seam that made his fortune. Funerals that should have been quiet, if we exclude one detail: before dying, Joe Cusco swallowed his gold to take it with him for eternity. Unfortunately, the secret leaked and provoked the wrath of Anoki City’s diggers. How can they let such a fortune be buried when they must shed sweat, blood, and tears in the seams to barely survive? As Jonas says, “death never comes alone”…

License information

  • The new reference of western comic.
  • The most famous undertaker!
Dorison - Meyer © Dargaud Benelux (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.), 2024


  • 7 volumes published since 2015.
  • Over 630 000 copies sold in France.
  • Translated in 13 languages.


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