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Shaman King

©Hiroyuki Takei, KODANSHA/ “SHAMAN KING” Production Committee, TX

Shaman King

CATÉGORIE : Japanimation & Manga
CIBLE : Adults, Teenagers
KEYWORD : Adventure, Fight, Shonen


Yoh Asakura, a nonchalant looking teenager, is a shaman who communicates with dead people. He’s looking for a ghost so he can one day become Shaman King, the only being who can merge with the “Great Spirit” and therefore obtain limitless power… But for that, he’ll have to participate to the Shaman Fight, a tournament happening every 500 years to determine the Shaman King. To succeed, he will have to fight other shamans and their spirits whose motivations aren’t always very noble…


  • A cult shonen from the 2000’s completed in 35 volumes.
  • Over 38 million copies in circulation worldwide!
©Hiroyuki Takei, KODANSHA/ “SHAMAN KING” Production Committee, TX

License information

  • A second anime adaptation since 2021, more faithful to the story and the spirit of the manga.
  • A rich universe with many spin-offs.


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