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Michel Vaillant

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Michel Vaillant

CATÉGORIE : Comic Books
CIBLE : Adults
KEYWORD : Friendship, Sport, Team


Michel Vaillant incarnates an ideal, the one of the sport’s champion, loyal, faithful and brave. Member of the Vaillant team, founded by his parents, he’s an exceptional pilot, who doesn’t hesitate to put his life in danger to help others, report an injustice or unveil cheaters and bandits. Always aware of new technologies and very familiar with the circuit world and Racing Teams, Jean Graton knew how to develop a popular series, who has been and keeps being a reference for a generation of people passionate about motorsport.


  • 70 volumes published for the first season and 12 volumes for the second.
  • 17 Racing Files mixing documentary and comics of the greatest racers and races.
  • Over 20 million copies sold worldwide.
  • 1 million tickets sold for Luc Besson’s film (2003)
Graton © Dupuis, 2024

License information

  • A character created by Jean Graton in 1957.
  • A reboot of the series with Season 2 since 2012, to place the character in a more contemporary environment and with modern concerns: new technologies, ecology, etc.
  • A stylistic renewal inspired by a new generation of authors: Philippe Graton and Denis Lapière on the script, Marc Bourgne and Benjamin Beneteau on the drawings.


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