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Lucky Luke

© Lucky Comics, 2024

Lucky Luke

CATÉGORIE : Comic Books
CIBLE : Families
KEYWORD : Adventure, Humour, Western


With his horse Jolly Jumper for only friend, “the man who shots faster than his shadow” makes order and justice rule in the Far West, and is funnier than you’d expect. Chasing the terrible Daltons brothers or crossing path with different historical characters, the most famous cowboy takes us with him, with humor, inside the West conquest.


  • The longest comic book series: 112 comic books published since 1946.
  • Over 420 million copies sold worldwide.
  • A best-seller translated in 35 languages.
© Lucky Comics, 2024

License information

  • Multiple TV shows and films regularly on TV screens.
  • Over 50 licenses worldwide.
  • A dedicated area at Parc Spirou and at multiple amusement parks in Europe.
  • Several style guides available (Classic & Vintage Morris, Comic Book by Achdé, Modern Lucky Luke for Parc Spirou, etc.)
  • A large choice of characters.


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