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Little Furry

Fraipont - Bailly © Dupuis, 2024

Little Furry

CATÉGORIE : Comic Books
GENRE : Comic Books
CIBLE : Preschoolers
TARGET : Preschoolers
KEYWORD : Adventure, Friendship, Respect


Little Furry takes life as it comes, he’s smart, funny, sensitive, enthusiastic, spontaneous, cute, endearing and profoundly human! Every morning, he kisses his mom and leaves to school. On his way, a new adventure and a new world are waiting for him, each time with a new encounter. Whether he finds himself in funny, worrying, or fantastic adventures, Little Furry will learn a lot and his positivity will enrich his experiences.


  • 800 000 copies sold since 2015, including 150 000 copies of the paperback edition.
  • 29 titles already available in over 10 countries.
Fraipont - Bailly © Dupuis, 2024

License information

  • The first comic book without text, for an autonomous reading from 3-year-old!
  • Highly recommended by teachers.
  • An animated series produced by Dupuis Audiovisuel (117 x 7’), with worldwide broadcast.
  • A themed relaxation place and a mascot at Parc Spirou Provence.


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