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Le Loup en Slip

Lupano - Cauuet - Itoïz © Dargaud Benelux (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.), 2024

Le Loup en Slip

CATÉGORIE : Comic Books
GENRE : Comic Books
CIBLE : Kids
KEYWORD : Adventure, Humour, Nature


The wolf has been terrorizing the forest and its inhabitants who live in the constant fear of having their butt bitten. Until the wolf enters the forest… unrecognizable! The wolf isn’t frightening at all anymore, he doesn’t have a crazy eye or fur standing! But how to live without fear when fear is what kept you going?


  • 8 volumes published so far.
  • Translated in 13 languages.
  • 550 000 volumes sold in France and 1 million worldwide.
Lupano - Cauuet - Itoïz © Dargaud Benelux (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.), 2024

License information

  • A comic book series full of humanity and philosophy understandable for the youngest readers!


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