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Ozanam - Jurion © Le Lombard (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.), 2024


CATÉGORIE : Comic Books
GENRE : Comic Books
CIBLE : Teenagers
TARGET : Teenagers
KEYWORD : Adventure, Fantastic, Fight


If Ange Tomassini, 14 years old, is not this mysterious tiger-man who tirelessly comes to protect him from all dangers, then why does all his classmates and teachers fear him…? And who is this strange feline? Answers awaits him. But, to know them, he’ll have to leave everything behind…


  • 14 volumes published since 2013.
  • 1 volume a year.
  • Over 400 000 copies sold.
Ozanam - Jurion © Le Lombard (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.), 2024

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  • A modern and evolving graphic style.
  • A long-seller series that continues to recruit.


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