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Journal d’une Peste

L. Sam - Abesdris © La Martinière, 2024

Journal d’une Peste

CATÉGORIE : Comic Books
GENRE : Comic Books
CIBLE : Kids, Tweens
TARGET : Kids, Tweens
KEYWORD : Daily life, Humour


Fanette never was the top of her class. In fact, she hates the top of the class. She also hates mothers going through their daughter’s stuff, spelling, family dinner on Saturdays, cleaning her room, etc. Fannette’s recipe to always have fun? Follow your desires. ALL your desires. Being different and not doing anything like everyone else. In short, being the perfect little pest.


  • 12 volumes published since 2015.
  • Over 300 000 copies sold.
L. Sam - Abesdris © La Martinière, 2024

License information

  • An original series: Fannette’s personal diary, a young teen of thirteen who has a lot to say!


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