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Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

CATÉGORIE : Japanimation & Manga
CIBLE : Adults, Teenagers
KEYWORD : Friendship, Magic, Shonen


In the Kingdom of Fiore, Mages regroup themselves into guilds so they can fulfill quests. One of them, Fairy Tail, counts some of the best Mages of the country among its members. In order to take as much quests as possible, five members of Fairy Tail decides to team up: Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray and Erza. But their missions won’t always go as planned… The Black Wizard Zeref seems to cross path with them a little too often.

License information

  • A great variety of main and secondary characters.
  • Strong presence of magic which allows for a rich and fantastic universe!
  • Many video games available.



  • Completed in 63 volumes.
  • A spin-off series in progress with almost 16 volumes available.
  • A worldwide shonen reference with more than 72 million copies in circulation.
  • #8 manga in France in 2021 with 994 000 copies sold.


  • 328 episodes, 9 OAV and 2 movies.
  • 3,6 million views in 2022 on ADN.
  • Available across Europe.


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