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Toussaint - Stokart © Le Lombard (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.), 2024


CATÉGORIE : Comic Books
CIBLE : Teenagers, Tweens
KEYWORD : Daily life, Friendship, Mystery


Elle is a girl like anyone else, but not exactly. Bubbly and balanced young girl, she naturally integrated a group of friends as soon as she arrived at Mercury middle school. But do they suspect that Elle isn’t alone? She’s even more probably five… Five flamboyant personalities and not all so friendly. Who is Elle, really?


  • Story completed in 3 volumes.
  • Over 500 000 copies sold in France, a phenomenon.
Toussaint - Stokart © Le Lombard (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.), 2024

License information

  • An original concept in comics, intended for teenagers.
  • Awarded multiple times and highly recommended by readers!


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