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Cauvin - Laudec © Dupuis, 2024


CATÉGORIE : Comic Books
GENRE : Comic Books
CIBLE : Families, Kids
TARGET : Families, Kids
KEYWORD : Family, Friendship, Humour


What a life we live when we’re 8 years old! Between a strict teacher, a little too curious parents, rowdy friends and a capricious girlfriend, Cédric has a lot to do to preserve his tranquility. Fortunately, Pépé is always there for mischief and cases of the blues…


  • 35 volumes published since 1989.
  • Over 11 million copies sold.
  • More than 23 million views on the official Youtube channel.
Cauvin - Laudec © Dupuis, 2024

License information

  • A classic of youth comics.
  • Work, love and friendship between three generations living under the same roof!
  • A realist universe rooted in daily life with intemporal and universal values.
  • A cartoon adaptation with 156 episodes of 13 minutes.


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